Near-Death Experience Information and Handouts

Collected over the years, also useful for NDE meetings, click to download files.

A Death and A Walk-In Experience.doc 242k

A Peek Into Heaven.doc 408k

A Pilot Study of the Verification of Survival of Death .doc 24k

AARP Article on Life After Death.pdf  394k

Adding up the math of hallucinations .doc 27k

Another Look, The Experience,The Experiencer.doc 212k

Astrology of The Near Death Experience.pdf 658k  (see pg 19)

Awakening Healing News.doc 32k

Back From The Dead.doc 3081k

Barbara Rommer Iands 2000 Conf, “Less Positive NDEs”  wma 66meg

bib.pdf 439k

Bibliog 02 IANDS Short.doc 42k

Boomers Refuse to Be Buried Like Everyone Else.doc 558k

Brush With Death Brings New Life (NDE Story).doc 3386k

Catonsville Times Article on MD Support Group.doc 530k

Characteristics of a Near Death Experience.doc 31k

Comments about the Lancet Study.doc 473k

Comments on Dr Peter Fenwick Lecture.doc 31k

Conversation With God.doc 185k

Dave Bennetts NDE (Seattle Iands Issue 2008).pdf (700k)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.doc 22k

Death Experiments Handout.doc 29k

Deaths Door Ajar.doc 33k

Definition of NDE.doc 50k

Depth of Grief Over Pet's Death.doc 1537 k

Do Not Hurry Grief .doc 143 k

Dying Is A Great Experience.doc 1805 k

Experience of God as Light and Sound.doc 29 k

Fear of Death Experience.doc 47 k

Forgiveness Boosts Health.doc 24 k

Give Love Away Forever.doc 32 k

God is Light.doc 414 k

Grandmother's NDE.doc 25 k

Hell, Our Fear and Fascination, ABC TV 2020 Jul 2007.doc 67 k

How Near-death Experiences Work.doc Jul 2007, 105k

How Do We Participate in a World of Time.doc 23 k

Human Bodily Transformation.pdf 219 k

Is There Woof After Death.doc 3977 k

Journey to the Light, NDE Story.doc 428 k

Living The Near-Death Life (NDE story).doc 7548 k

Louis Farrakhan.doc 38 k

Mortality - definition.doc 68 k

Mothers Inherit Characteristics of Children.doc 212 k

My Angels Are Still All Around Me.doc 1680 k

NDE Scale.doc 8 k

NDErs and Jesus, Article Vol 24(2) JNDS.pdf 2773 k

Near Proof for Near-Death.doc 259 k

Near Death Brought No Afterlife Revelations.pdf 649k

Near-Death Exp Survivors Search for Answers.html 27 k

Near-Death Experience Remains A Mystery.doc 24 k

Near-Death Patients Tell Nurse.doc 26 k

Out of Body Experiences Simulated.doc 31 k

Our Connection To The Universe.doc 23 k

Pet Death with Dignity.pdf 119k

Questions People Ask about the NDE.doc 28 k

Recovering Farrakhan Urges Unity, Forgiveness.doc 1608 k

Scientist Says Mind Continues After Brain Dies.doc 7 k

Sermon after Easter, The Spirit Within Us.doc, Rev. David Michel 31 k

Spanish nde pilgrimage.doc 531 k

Stabilizing Techniques.doc 250 k

String Theory (B&W scan).pdf 739 k

String Theory(color scan).pdf 1075 k

Surreal Art of Jeremiah Stermer.doc 1603 k

Ten Keys to Happiness.pdf 82 k

The Energy Healing Experiments - pg 117, Gary Schwartz

The Golden Rule in the World's Great Religions.doc 10 k

The Great Spirit, Black Elk's Near Death Experience.doc 1539 k

The Lost Gospel of Q, by Rev. David L. Michel  42 k

The Music In The Light.doc 1584 k

The Silver Cord Picture.doc 223 k

The Valley of Death, Another Boomer Test.doc 2850 k

Unconditional Love, Excerpts from Book.doc 23 k

Virginia Beach FOI Newsletter Aug 2004.pdf 397 k

Wake Up Yesterday.wma  (3508k) Music by Clint Black

What is a Near-Death Experience.doc 24 k

What’s With That White Light?.doc 47k

When death comes calling, so does Oscar the cat.doc  38k  

NDE Movies & TV Videos Click Here

NDE Movies & TV Videos:     

(Downloads best with high speed connection. These files are wmv format and may be viewed on a computer with Microsoft Windows Media Player or similar player. Free Windows Media Player Download)

Classic NDE Videos and Interviews:

“Life After...”, 1988, WLS-TV Chicago, Interviews with Kim Clark-Sharpe, Howard Storm, Tom Sawyer, and others. (wmv file, 22 min, 82meg).

“Geraldo”, TV Show on NDEs 1988, Interviews and NDE stories with Dr Raymond Moody, Tom Sawyer, Bob Manrodt, Berkley Mills, PMH Atwater, Marvin Barrett. (wmv, 43 min, 161meg).

“Prophetic Voices”, 1981, Ken Ring interviews 4 individuals who had NDEs. Tom Sawyer, Vita Ventra, Joe Geraci, Geraldine Devito. (wmv, 20 min, 73meg)

“Something Happens”, 1994, Produced by Margaret Denvil. Interviews with Douglas Jones, Julie Lapham, Mary Ehle, Steven Ridenhour. (wmv, 18 min, 65meg)

“Return From Death”, 1988, French Canadian Special on NDEs. Interviews with Tom Sawyer, Bruce Greyson, John Rossner, Raymond Moody, Melvin Morse, Barbara Harris, Ken Ring, Dr Rawlings, Dr Blacker, and others. (wmv, 48 min, 181meg)

“Phil Donahue Show”, 1988, Interviews with Jackie Pflug, shot in the back of her head during an airplane hijacking in 1985. Also Tom Sawyer, Vi Horton, Steve Price, 14 yr old Kristle Merzlock, Melvin Morse, Raymond Moody. (wmv, 46 min, 176 meg)

“A Soldiers NDE”, 1988, An interview by Col Diane Corcoran with Glen Brimer. Remarkable story of an NDE in the face of war, in 1971. (wmv, 15 min, 58 meg)

Feature Videos and TV Productions:

“Notes From The  Future” Special for TV,  1996,  Excellent video of NDE stories made for terminally ill patients who were concerned with death. “Death is not a wall, but a doorway.” Funded by the Rockefeller Family Fund and presented with permission from producer Robert Basch.  43 minutes, (wmv file 170 meg)

“Moment of Truth”,  1987,  Wonderful video of Jayne Smith’s NDE; where she went; who she saw; what she learned. Presented with permission from Jayne Smith.  35 minutes, (wmv file 135 meg) To order your copy in VHS format please send check for $19.95 (free S&H) to: Jayne Smith, Moment of Truth, 150 Lakeside Dr, Lewes, DE 19958.)

TV: Maryland IANDS NDE Group, Local News Brief,  April/May 1997, News segment aired on a Baltimore TV channel, 3 min. 49 sec. (wmv file 15 meg)

TV: Oprah Winfrey Show on NDEs, (1992) Classic show with Melvin Morse, Sandra Rogers, Dannion Brinkley, and many others  43 min. (wmv file 163 meg)

Movie: Resurrection,  Movie with Ellen Burstyn, poor quality video tape but wonderful story  1 hr 43 min. (wmv file 390 meg)

TV: Hell, ABC-TV Special July 13, 2007 40 min, some NDE descriptions of Hell (wmv file about 40 min. 142 meg) View NDE video clip 3 min. 44 sec. at:

TV: Dale Earnhardt Jr.,  TV Show “60 Minutes”, 2005, Dale describes how his departed father possibly helped him from a burning crash (wmv file  about 12 min. 42 meg)

TV: The Electric Man,  Discovery Channel TV Show Aug 16, 2004 on electrical sensitivity. Some NDErs experience this phenomonon, (wmv file  about 40 min. 149 meg)

TV: Oprah Winfrey Show w/ Sharon Stone, July 30, 2004, Sharon Stone describes her NDE and how it changed her life (wmv file  about 40 min. 149 meg)

TV: MS NBC Special, Near-Death Experiences,  Apr 11, 2001, NDE stories of Howard Storm, Pam Reynolds, and others, with Barbara Rommer, M.D., and Dr. Raymond Moody (wmv file  32 min. 118 meg)

TV: Discovery Channel, Life & Death,  June 12, 1998, Mysteries of the Unexplained Series, Short NDE clips, including Pam Reynolds, & Dr Melvin Morse. (wmv file  1 hr. 163 meg)

TV: Retirement Living TV Program,  2006, Comcast channel “The Daily Apple” program.  Interview with Jeff Long, M.D., Joe Spero, and Bill Taylor. (wmv file  20 min. 73 meg)

TV: NDE in the News plus Talk Show on Psychics vs Skeptics,  1990?, Maureen Bunyan Program News interviews with Ian Stevenson, Ken Ring; Plus talk show on Psychics vs Skeptics. (wmv file  40 min. 125 meg)

TV: Sonya Live Program, CNN,  1990?, Sonya interviews 3 NDErs. (wmv file  20 min. 73 meg)

TV: 48 Hours with Dan Rather, NDE Special ,  11/1997, Topic: “To Hell and Back” with Howard Storm, Dr Barbara Rommer’s IANDS group, Jesus Blanko; Topic: “The Medium and The Message” with James von Prague; Topic: “Life After Death”, the Pam Reynolds near-death story with Michael Sabom, MD. (wmv file  42 min. 151 meg)

TV: TLC “Life and Death” (Part 1),  12/22/1997, “The Near-Death Experience”, with Pam Reynolds, Michael Sabom, MD., Ken Ring, Ned Dougherty, Susan Blackmore, Yvonne Kason, others. Also: “Dreams of Dying”, with Tom Harpur, Maggie Callanan, Kimberly Clark Sharp, Bruce Bynum. (wmv file  42 min. 167 meg)

TV: TLC “Life and Death” (Part 2),  12/22/1997, “Visions of Heaven”, with Mally Cox-Chapman, Bettie Eadie, and others Also: “Visions of Hell”, [A few video tape problems but audio ok] with Tom Harpur, Melvin Morse, Stanislaus Groff, Nancy Evans Bush. (wmv file  43 min. 167 meg)

TV: Vancouver IANDS Conference Clip for TV,  09/30/1999, NDE interviews of attendees and presenters, including commentary, for news byte on local Vancouver television. (wmv file  9 min. 35 meg)

TV: A&E Special “Beyond Death” (Part 1 of 2),  April 2000, NDE interviews. Pam Reynolds, Melvin Morse, skeptic Michael Shermer, Michael Sabom MD, Brian Hurst, Fred Wolf, Gary Swartz, Barbara Rommer MD, and many others   (wmv file  48 min. 179 meg)

TV: A&E Special “Beyond Death” (Part 2 of 2),  April 2000, (wmv file  45 min. 166 meg)